Ultimate Flash Relay

Chances are, you haven't given your motorcycle's indicator flasher relay much thaught. If it works, it works, and that's good enough. But if you ride a vintage bike, it may not work. Just about every vintage bike I have owned has had turn signals that either dont blink, or don't blink at all. That's why I designed this universal Electronic Flasher Relay.        

NOTE: Will only work on bikes with DC lighting systems. Will not work on some dirt bikes and motorcycles with AC lighting systems.

  • Operates on both 6V and 12V systems
  • Works with both LED and standard incandescent bulbs
  • Always flashes at the same rate, no matter what bulb type or voltage
  • The size of a standard blade fuse, can plug into fuse block, or connect to stock spade connectors.
  • Hand made by me at my home in Akron, Ohio
  • Free shipping in continental US. International customers should contact me before placing order.
  • Weatherproof. This circuitboard has a thick silicone coating that protects it from water and dirt.


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